*Edit: Due to the amount of work getting the third Wyliman work done on time, the contest deadline will extend for two more weeks, so you have up until July 15 to send your “job solicitations”. Thank you very much to the people that have submitted theirs. I haven’t read any because I don’t want to be bias before hand.

Hey hey hey!

So, as you see in today’s comic (or in case you’re reading this another day, in THIS comic), Wyliman’s coffee shop is now hiring, and YOU could be it’s new poor soul -I mean, employee!

All you gotta do is send your job solicitation at: wyliman@rocketmail.com

You can build it up yourself, or you can fill one of  ’em pre-formulated ones that you get at the stationery store. Whatever you feel more comfortable doing.

You can do it straight serious or goofy funny. Formal or with stains from your lunch in it.

What I’m going to keep in mind is to choose you as the new employee is:

A) Your creativity on your solicitation/resume.

B) How well you balance with the rest of the guys working at the store, ESPECIALLY to Wyliman (remember that in his normal life he’s kinda dumb but at work he’s more of a smart ass).

C) The only question (and it’s answer) I want you to include in the solicitation is: “Why do you want to work at that specific shop?”

The deadline is June 30.

The winner will be announced one week later.

ANYONE can participate, so don’t be shy and give it a try. If you ever wonder “What would I do if I was part of the Wyliman universe?” now it’s your chance to be a character in the comic and to suffer the consequences of that dumb question. Oh yeah, and you’ll get a signed copy of the third Wyliman TPB.

I recieve solicitations both in English or Spanish.

Aaaaaand, GO!

Mario A.-