It’s that time of the year again!

So yeah, I’m going! I don’t have a table, but trust me, I DO look like my self portrait. Also, if you’re going, I’ll be attending THESE panels (I’m still not sure about the Sunday ones, I wanna go to both) if you wanna meet me there.

I’m leaving tomorrow (Tuesday 19th) morning and I get back on Monday (25th). But, the website won’t stop updating.
As you can see, I added (or updated, rather) the “Share” buttons (you can see them on the footer of this post and below each page of the comic), so I ask you please, once again, during my absence (since I really doubt I’ll get on-line during the trip) if you can abuse those lovely buttons and spread the word about the comic (and not only while I’m gone, it really helps each time you spread the word about good ol’ Wyliman).
I’ll have *some* copies available of “Mustard Flavored Toothpaste“. YES! The book is FINALLY rushed-I mean, finished! When I come back form the con I’ll make the official release announcement.

Also, the winner of the “Buckstars Contest” will be announced when I come back. I received quite a bunch of solicitations and they got me excited. I’ve barely read some of them (don’t want to be bias before I read them all at once) and I gotta say, it’s going to be quite tough to decide.

And… I think that’s it. If you are going, hopefully we’ll meet there.

Mario A.~