Update: So, for the ones wondering, I’ll put here the pictures of how my car looked like after the crash (duh!). Maybe a warning first: It’s not like there is guts and blood everywhere, but I dunno how people react to anything, so just be warned it might be strong to someone. Photos here. Now that I see them again, the car hold up pretty well (given the circumstances of a 32 ton truck ramming against it).


I’ll try to keep this short, because I don’t wanna keep thinking about this too much anymore (then again, it’ll haunt me for a while).

Anyway, today, around 3am I was involved in a car crash. I was riding with a friend. We crossed an interjection having the green light, when huge carrier truck hit us.

Everyone is fine with minor bruises, bumps and scratches. My car was totalled, so, at least from our side, we’re lucky we just have bumps and scratches.

Some things still need to get solved, but over all, we’re fine, me and my friend are back to each others place recuperating.

With that said, some of the bumps and bruises were done to my right hand, my drawing hand. I dunno how, probably the air bag, I got some friction burns over my fingers and generally my hand is pretty sore (and my knees hurt quite a bit). I got checked and everything is fine, still, note worthy to check is pain persists. So, probably I won’t update here on the website, until I’m able to work properly. I don’t want to force anything and actually bust something.

In another note: Hi to all new readers that came from Danielle Corsetto’s Girls With Slingshots, via my guest strip there! Sorry the first few things you’ll be reading is that I won’t update until I’m feeling fine, but there’s plenty of comics in the archive for your enjoyment. And hopefully I’ll be back in full force pretty soon.

Thank you all.

Mario A.~