Kinda of an ironic thing to do after announcing I’m slowing down with the updates for Wyliman, but I’m doing it again this year!

The oficial day is October 1st, but I’m doing it this Friday (September 30th), because Saturday’s now have turned into a sacred thing (it’s like the only day I step out from the house to interact with other human beings).

In the strict sense of the word, I’ll do it on Friday, meaning, from midnight to midnight. I’m cheating this time, I already have a story planned (by that, i mean, like I always plan my stories, I just have a loose idea and I improvise the rest of the way), and I need to knock  bunch of pages for the comic in a short amount of time, so this is convenient.

Anyway, I dunno if I’ll live stream the whole thing again this year, it’s more up to you, so, whadda ya think? Wanna see me descend that spiral of insanity, live, once again?

Mario A.~