Hey there!

New York Comic Con is happening this week! And as always that I do one of these because there’s not much point in doing it otherwise, I’m going to be there!

This time I won’t have my own table, although, I will be sitting behind a table selling my stuff (and no, it won’t be a table outside the building, you snarky bastard). The good guys of Indie Spinner Rack will be hosting/sharing/having-to-deal-with me at their table at Podcast Arena.

So, if you are in the area or are attending anyway, be sure to go by their table and say hi, even if I’m not there, have a talk with Charlito and Mr. Phil, you won’t meet any nicer guys.

As always, the comic will keep updating while I’m out (I leave on Wednesday and I come back home on Monday). Show those sharing buttons some love and spread the Wyliman love all over the internet’s face. Ok, maybe that went kinda far.

With that said- Later days, Willie Mays!

Mario A.~