Hey hey hey!

Once again, I’m hitting Orlando for nice two and a half weeks of vacations (FINALLY!). I’m really pumped for this trip, it’s been a tiring yet exciting year, but I need a bit of a break now. I’ll be with my awesome friends Erin and Christine of the BAND COMIC fame that YOU should check out.

Just letting you know quickly (‘cos I haven’t even packed yet), the comic WILL keep updating on it’s regular schedule. There might be a little of a bumpy ride for Monday’s and Wednesday’s pages, but they will get published on their respective date, dunno if on their respective programmed time. Coming up, is Chapter 33: Romance. It’s my 24 hour comic for this year.

I’ll try to have some online presence while I’m out, but, come on, it’s vacations, it means taking a break from the internerd too.

Anyway, I get back home on December 6th. So until then, take care and spread the Wyliman love all over the internet!

Mario A.~