Greetings guys!

First of all, hope all of you will have an awesome 2012! May it be filled with success and whatnot’s! Also, this past January 1st, Wyliman has been online for 6 years, so, YAY to that!

Now, to business: As some of you may know, I plan to move to the U.S. late this year. As I’ve been lucky enough to make a decent living here, making this move will involve a good monetary investment (and not counting all the cons I’m doing this year to keep spreading the word about the comic). Money is tight right now, the good luck fairy hasn’t been showing up that much lately, so I decided to reach out directly to you guys.

As you can see, there’s a progress bar on the left side of the website. My monthly goal is $800, that’ll help me pay my bills perfectly. If I reach my goal every month, I’ll update the comic from Monday to Friday for the next whole month. So that’s more Wyliman for you!

That’s not all: soon enough I’ll add some incentives to give you more bang for you buck. That’ll include Wyliman trade paper backs ( both signed and regular editions), wallpapers and other nifty things (suggestions are welcomed). For the next 4 Saturdays, I’ll upload a new wallpaper and then I’ll upload a new one each month. Also, a limited amount of commissions are open, and that money will go to the goal as well.

So, if you have some bucks laying around, please, consider supporting this little corner of the web comics universe to keep it rolling. Every bit is very appreciate it.

And if you are unable to donate some money, please, please please please, I can’t stress this enough: help me promoting the comic. Under each page there’s a selection of the most common social networks. Please use them to spread the word about the comic. Or just copy the link and paste it in your preferred social network. Tell your friends about it, share with them your favorite pages or chapters, let them know they might like Wyliman as well!

Thank you very much, people, I really appreciate you’ve been hanging with me all this time and let’s see this community grow.



Mario A.~