Hey guys!

As you can see the site looks different. WAAAAAY different.

The story goes like this: I came in my dashboard on WordPress and decided to update all the plug-ins and what nots that I was neglecting to update lately. One of them being the ComicPress update. So after all the updates were set, I logged back to the front page of the website and it looked like you’re looking at it right now. I seriously don’t know what the hell happened. It says it’s still running with ComicPress but it looks like the default WordPress layout. All the posts are there but it seems all the image files are gone. ALTHOUGH, as I write this, I’m looking at the box below this one I’m writing on and it shows the image file for today’s comic, so it tells me the files didn’t go away, just something happened that the Comic Press theme is not loading or something.

Be sure I’m working on getting this fixed and that hopefully this won’t stay like this for too long. I’m extremely annoyed by this and extremely sorry for the inconvenience I’m causing you guys. I can only ask you to be patient, I’ll get this back on ASAP.


Ok, so I’ve been goofing around with this thing and I kinda got it working.

-The comics are visible now. So that calms me down a bit.

-One of the guys who develops ComicPress helped me out a bit with this, although (and I understand it when things come natural and someone asks you and you assume they know), even if I told him, I don’t think he really grasped how stupid I am and that the new version of ComicPress became less intuitive.

-I have no idea at all of what’s going on with the menu bar, even condescendingly explained, it went nowhere and it still looks like it does instead of being in the actual bar as before.

-There’s this random series of letters and symbols at the end of the link of the browser URL that I don’t know where they come from. Those “#.UIU” thingies there. I’ve been told that those might be a hack.I have no idea how to get them off.

So, in a desperate pledge for help: Is anyone savvy enough to work around these problems and could help me out to bring back the site? At least to make it functional with the current theme I installed and I can work my way around it later on. Remember, I’m stupid when it comes to things like this, so if you offer your help, please either be patient or shove me out of the way and work your magic. So please, contact me at contact@supermariogonzalez.com

I’m not asking you to do it for free, by the way.

Mario A.~

PS: On a brighter note, if I needed an excuse to re-design the website, this is it.