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As the title says, I did a bit of a re-vamp of the appearance of the characters. A while ago I already showed the ones for Wyliman, but here they are all together.

Wyliman: For the most part nothing really changed, just made his mask a little more coherent looking (as coherent as having big eyes popping out of them can be). That and making his (and by proxy, Mackenn’s) shirt black. In reality they are still blue whenever I do a color piece, but for black and white I decided to go with black to make them pop-up more from the background (and I think there’s some character design theory involved in there that I never fully understood), and in case of being a night scene, I can switch it back to the “classic” looking shirt for the same purpose. Convenience!

Mackenn: After getting his hair violently removed in the “Glue Incident” story line, I decided to keep Mackenn going with the short hair thing for longer. I went back and looked through pictures of actual foxes just enhance his appearance. Nothing major, but I made the whiskers longer (giving me more chance to incorporate them to expressions) and the hair growing on the sides of his face. Also, what I failed to mention a moment ago about the shirts, I added those elastic thingies at the end of the sleeves to make them look more like a sweater rather than a long sleeve shirt.

Natalia: I guess her haircut will be a love it or hate it kind of situation, and I was pretty conscious about it when I decided to change it. But I personally like it, not only on her, but in general (when it fits). But as my best friend said, as long as the character likes it (in those weird instances the characters actually take over the author), then it’s fine. As with the shirts, I went with black pants for her. Although, considering a good amount of shots I draw are above the waist, this might not have been the soundest idea.

Andrea: Same thing as with Nat’s haircut. I think in proportion with the rest of the characters, Andrea has suffered the most amount of changes in her looks in the least amount of time. Not that it’s a bad thing, keeps the characters from looking like paper cut-ots all the time. With her I almost went with a full change, keeping intact two details I like on her: the 2-3 earing and that skinny pony-tail with the purple tip.

Anyway, any of this changes will start to show up until Chapter 41 of the comic when it starts to update on the site (granted, I’m already drawing said chapter, but I can’t jump over the sequence of how things are already planned on it).

On an additional note about the website: Do to a bunch of things happening at the same time in my life, I haven’t been able to finish updating the site after the whole thing collapsed a few months ago. But, be sure this won’t take much long. It’s just a matter to finish a couple of drawings that will be an interesting part of the design and we’ll be ready.

Mario A.~

PS: As for the dog, he looks the same, he’s a dog. The only way I can update his design is if they put a ridiculous sweater on him that he’ll tear apart in seconds anyway.