I’ve been dreading to do this for this entire week, but then again it’s something I’ve been thinking about after completing book 4.

Anyway, I’m putting Wyliman on hiatus. I’ve done this a couple of times before but it never really amounted to anything past two weeks or less because I felt guilty and I jumped back in. But for these past 3 chapters I haven’t been feeling it. I’ve been so out of myself writing and drawing the comic that if I kept pushing it, I’d only be delivering sub par work (there’s a couple of pages in chapter 43 I just hate to look at of how awful they came out). Not that I’m quitting Wyliman ever. Heck, even being bothered by my own work as of lately, I think this last story was one of the most organic ones, and I loved how the involvement of you, the readers, with it shaped it as it went alog.

But, if posting late and barely for the past two-three weeks was a sign of anyhting, is that I wasn’t enjoying it and I was at the verge of losing it.

And, if you remember the last blog I posted, things on personalandia aren’t so hot either. Life took a sharp turn and basically crapped all over the place. So I need time and lots of patience and endurance to get things rolling out smoothly around here. And since I’m going to entirely miss next year’s convention season, I have no pressure to finish book 5 to get it to shows.

I won’t leave you with empty hands, tho. Clink (my other webcomic, in case you haven’t seen it yet) will keep updating regularly. So you can get your fix there for the time being.

I’m building myself up almost from scratch with Wyliman by the time you’re reading this. I’ve been feeling my style has been floating comfortably in place for a bit, so it’s time to shake it from it’s core and go back to the panic and excitement of experimenting. So be sure about something, when we come back, it’s gonna be way better (and if you follow Clink, you’ll get to see the development of this “trainning” little by little since it’s gonna affect it too).

I hope this won’t last long. I have at least up to chapter 50 already planned, so I really want to get this stories out to you. But I won’t if I’m not having fun with them. And I’ll be showing of concepts, and sketches and little previews of things whenever they come around.

Thanks for your time and understanding.


Mario A.~

PS: Feel free to send guest strips whenever you want, by the way. For what it’s worth until I bring the comic back, you can have fun with the characters and I’ll show case them here.