Does this means Wyliman is back? Yes.

Is it back the way it used to be? No.

Why are the pages off-center? I don’t know.

So yeah, after a year-long hiatus (or what I call it “whoops, I kinda forgot on purpose”) we’re back… in some fashion. Ok, ok ok ok, we’re definitely back, but as stated above, not the way it used to be. Long story short, I like they way I’m doing things with Clink, a lot more that what I used to do with Wyliman. Meaning, I like to write a story untill the story comes to a natural stop, not having to fill out 26 pages every time (although, I did get around that once or twice). So that’s kinda what I want to do with Wyliman now, because I think the pressure, sometimes, of HAVING a page count hurt (and badly at times) the narrative, especially when I was done with the idea and I still had 6 or 7 pages to fill in. Some stories will be small installments like this one, others will be long form like before.

As of when I’m going to update, schedule wise, I have no clue. I’ll do it often, and maybe sometimes, like this, with a couple of pages at a time. But right now I’m having tremendous fun doing Clink (and turning it more frequently now into an action book), so I’m going to ease into Wyliman little by little. So I guess I’ll need to change the banner on top with a different disclaimer… and all of my other banners around the internet… whee…

But yeah, we’re back, and I’m pretty damn happy about it!

PS: This story was originally made for the “Ladronas de Ideas” (Idea Thieves) fanzine here in Mexico. You can read the whole book (in Spanish) for free right here. Look Ma’, I made the cover!