It’s Calvin & Hobbes meet Seinfeld at Sergio Aragonés house while Cerebus is on the phone” – My subconscious

Originally created in 1998, Wyliman is a comic about everyday life; those little super heroics we do every day.

Follow the “quite-normal-yet-you’re-happy-it’s-not-yours” lives of Wyliman, his best buddy Mackenn, his girlfriend Natalia and the Mackenn’s love interest, Andrea, as they live in a world where Murphy’s Law is the name of the game.

Written and draw by Mario A. Gonzalez. You can check more of his work at his personal website at

The comic updates twice a week and it’s supported thanks to your donations (button on the right side of the site), commissions and purchases at the store.

For more information, check out the FAQ. And for the Spanish version of the comic (as originally conceived) check out the archive in the Deviant Art page.