Remember JLApe? Well, this is Wylimape!… Ok, maybe not.

Sean Pendleton (who previously did this other super cool guset strip), who has nothing to do with that stupid joke avobe, suprised me yesterday by sending me this guest strip, that, even considering I had the schedule already set, I just HAD to include in the current rotation even if it meant placing it in a day I’m not supposed to update, but this is my site and I do what I want, so there.

Before I lose you, be sure to check out Sean’s new webcomic BALLS! which is super awesome (and very early in, Wyliman has a cameo in the story you might wanna check because it’s quite funny).

On a side note, tomorrow is the last of this guest strips run (for now, I’m always on the look for them for chapter breaks, so send them to me whenever you want) and we’ll go back to our regular programming on Monday with Chapter 41.