How long have you been doing Wyliman?

I originally created Wyliman and Mackenn in late 1998, but I’ve been doing it as a “regular” comic since January 2006.

How often is it updated?

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. BUT, if you’d like to see it getting back to it’s Monday to Friday schedule, please, consider making a donation to help me reach my monthly goal.

Why is it divided in chapters?

Wyliman is first and foremost a comic book intended for periodical printing. Every chapter is divided in 26 pages. The decision of having the website is to build an audience and spread the stories to more people in a more effective way.

Are you the master mind behind it all?

Yes, I created the universe in a moment of boredom. I apologize for how everything got all screwed up.

No, you idiot, I mean everything about Wyliman.

Oh, yeah. I write and draw the comic. It’s sorta autobiographical, so it’s kinda easy to come up with the stories.

Why there’s two language versions of the comic?

Short answer: because I’m a Mexican that happens to also speak English. Longer answer: I do all the lettering on my original pages in Spanish, then I translate them and send them to my editor (Christine Humiston). After I get them back, all nicely corrected, I do all the lettering back again in English. The main reason is to have a broader audience and more people can enjoy the comic (trust me, if I could speak more languages and trusted people in each country to be my editors, I’ll do it in more than two languages).

Who is this Christine Humiston I read about?

She’s the one in charge that the translation to English makes sense. She corrects my grammar and spelling before I do the lettering on the pages. She’s a sweetheart.

Your inks look so great, do you do them digitally?

Nope, it’s all done traditionally; I try to use the computer as less as possible.

What tools you use for your work?

I work on regular cheap 11x17in printer paper. I do my inking with brushes and disposable pens of various sizes.

How long does it take you to do a complete page?

About 5 to 7 hours, depending on the amount of detail.

Any insight about your work process?

The writing is kind of a random thing. Lately I write a week worth of pages over the weekend, but sometimes I write one page at a time, draw it and then I write the next one and so on. It’s rare when I have a master plan behind a complete story, mainly because the characters end up dictating what’s going to happen.

It takes me around one hour, hour and a half, to do all the penciling. I ink all the characters with a brush and all the backgrounds, dialogues and textures with the disposable pens.

Then I just scan them, put them together, clean the pencils that still show in Photoshop and deliver them to you via this site!

Is it true you plan to make Wyliman 300+ issues long?

At least, yeah, but it could go for a longer run.

Are you insane?

Very much.

Is it because you want to beat Dave Sim’s record?

In a way, yeah, but that’s not the main reason. Sim’s milestone was challenge and a motivator for me to take this decision. I think there are as much Wyliman stories to tell, but, I’m not sure about it, so it’s not set in stone, it could stop on a lower number.

Last question. What the hell is Wyliman anyway?

You mean you don’t know? Oh, damn, I was hoping you could tell me.